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We're not alone. Other people like us.

For too long, medical students have suffered from inefficiency, disorganization, and careers at the mercy of bureaucracy of what is 'typical' medicine. Curious is an active community of medical school students, residents and physicians that gives you information about desiging your medical career in ways that you may have never imagined... even if you've been drinking the cool-aid.

Why Uncomon Student MD?

This site is defined by our insistence that physicians need to have control of their own careers and lifestyle and that whining about how you're not appreciated, overworked, and underpaid isn't going to get you anywhere.

Every part of Uncommon Student MD is developed with the mindset that we want to provide clear options to physicians and empower them to make their own choices and take intelligent, direct action.

We think that providing the information and resources that physicians need to control their lifestyle and career is good for the public, good for the practice of medicine, good for physicians, and good business. That mindset, along with our fanatically loyal physician community and our awesome roster of contributing physician authors, has allowed Uncommon Student MD to grow into a thriving community and trusted resource for docs around the world.

We're not interested in the useless hand-wringing that populates so much of medicine and that so many physicians have bought in to. If you're looking for another group of doctors who just sit on their thumbs, you've come to the wrong place.

But, if you want to take action to control your career, add income streams and improve your lifestyle, we invite you to join us.

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The Epic Rise Of Uncommon Student MD: A story in multiple parts.

Uncommon Student MD has had some amazing growth since we launched. If you want to read an extended version of our story we've written a few posts about "What Is Freelance MD?" our first 100 days and The Epic Rise Of Uncommon Student MD. You might also like to visit our press page.

We've also received a lot of inquires about joining Uncommon Student MD so we've written a number of posts to get help you get started, from how to add an Uncommon Student MD badge to your website, to how to write a guest post, to how to become a contributing author.

Uncommon Student MD is an active community of medschool students and residents.

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