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"I wouldn't do it twice, but I would not 'not' do it once."

- ZDoggMD

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ZDoggMD: Medical Standup Comedy

Get your ER comedy fix.

This is ZDoggMD's standup medical comedy from the Mel Herbert’s Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2011. Lame and offensive…well, you really haven’t seen nothin’ yet.

You'll want to notice how ZDoggMD riffs on his students... Now that's just not nice.

Part 1

Part 2


Interview: Zubin Damania MD (ZDoggMD)

Zdogg MDInterview with hard-rhymin rapper and Stanford hospitalist Zubin Damania MD (ZDogg MD) Slightly funnier than pacebo.

Did you ever wonder what kind of doctor you were going to be when you grew up? A hard-rapping stand up comic hospitalist with a penchant for drafting lyrics like, "I remembered she's demented with a nasty case of C.diff", and "I got one glove like Michael Jackson, but it's made of latex and it's your prostate I'm waxin'!" or calling Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz 'Sucker MDs' might not be it.

But that's exactly what Zubin Damania MD is doing... and it's working.

Zubin started out as a mullet-wearing, Costco card carrying rockabilly and ended up (so far) working as a hospitalist at Stanford and making video satire with his pediatrician buddy Dr. Harry on ZDoggMD.com (winner of the MedGadget Best New Weblog of 2010) as well as writing for Freelance MD. You can read all of Zubin's posts on Freelance MD here.

In this interview, Zubin discusses where he started and puts his current practice as well as his passion for combining entertainment and patient education in clear perspective.

ZDogg MD Video: Doctors Today


Interview with ZDoggMD

Part 1: Where did you come from?

In this video: oranges, UC Berkeley, UCSF, Stanford, Costco, physician parents, residency, Gastroenterology, feculent smelling burp juice, working for someone else, hospitalist, comedy, UCSF graduation speech, slightly funnier than placebo, youtube.


Part 2: Why are you doing what you're doing?

In this video: passion, entrepreneurship, opportunity, preventing ulcer disease, safe sex, physician burnout, testicular self exam, megalomania.


Part 3: What advice would you give to medstudents?

In this video: medical school advice, who you are, niches in medicine, pressure, jerks and homeless patients, kids, purpose and passion, picking a specialty, residency, real doctors, friends and rectums, vasovagal party jokes.


Part 4: What mistakes have you made and learned from?

In this video: Mistakes, lifeinthefastlane.com, Mike Cadogan, wasting time, making money, cynicism, jerks, doctors and credibility, Osamacare, targeting your audience, standup comedy, hearing aids and dying onstage.


Techcrunch Interview (includes Hemorrhoid rap!)

In this video from Techcrunch Rhymes and Medicine: Hemorrhoid rap, Snoop Dog, Tony Hsieh, Zappos, Delivering Happiness, educating, Youtube, unprofessional behavior, a human face on medicine, internet patients and Google, medical technology, iPad, medicines culture of unhappiness.

Like this interview with ZDoggMD? Leave your thoughs in the comments below.

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Medical Specialty Aptitude Test

As every medical student knows, first year of medical school everyone is talking about all the funny new words you get to learn; Tenesmus is my favorite.

Second year is all about studying and USMILE step I. And third year is about deciding what type of doctor you will become. The classic surgery vs medicine approach is a good place to start, but beyond that most things begin to fall apart for a lot of people.

Advice on the subject is almost endless and I have found that the more people you ask the more answers you will get. Never-the-less, it’s good to ask lots of questions and find out as much as possible about your areas of interest. The Univeristy of Virgina has this snazzy Medical Specialty Aptitude Test that may steer you in a good direction. If you are still not sure however, here are son alternative ways you can choose a specialty.

The British Medical Journal published an article in 2005 by Boris Veysman called Physician, Know Thyself, it includes the algorithm, posted above, to use as a guide when choosing a residency. I’m not sure of the sensitivity and specificity but I think most physicans say it's pretty accurate. If that algorithm didn’t solve all your problems this video may help. ZDoggMD and Dr.Harry gives a nuanced break down of a few different types of doctors and what to expect if you decide to join their ranks. Don't let the beatboxing and Justin Bieber impressions distract you from the pearls.

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