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The Healthcare Future We Have To Look Forward Too. Unless...

BE INFORMED: Health care reform does not have to be as scary as it sounds. Ron Paul, laying down the truf!

It is my humble and correct opinion that every person interested in any way in being involved in a medical profession should have at least a general understanding of the politics behind the healthcare system. I know there are alot of persons out there that "don't like to get involved in politics," or are of the opinion that they "are going to be a doctor not a politician" or are just apathetic about such issues as the broken healthcare system and what is being done about it. The truth is that all these excuses are sheer and utter crap, because the fact remains that if you are earning a living in medicine, or ever plan to, this will be THE central issue influencing your future career for the worse... or hopefully the better.

It will influence how much you work, what you get paid, what sort of torture you will need to put yourself through to get certified and how much that will cost, what sorts of treatments you will be reembursed for, and LITERALLY every aspect of your career the super healthcare person you plan to be. Heck, I think that any person planning on getting sick EVER should know where this country is headed in terms of who runs what in medicine and why. So at the very least if you don't watch this video: either because you hate Ron Paul's guts (can't imagine why any rational or informed person would), or you are too busy watching people slip and fall on youtube, do me a favor and inform yourself someway... somehow.

There is alot of political arm waving about how this big behemouth called corporate healthcare got derailed and advice about what needs to be done to forklift it back on said tracks. Most of this arm waving is being done by career politicians who know very little about actually providing healthcare to people. An odd and sad paradox indeed. This puts presidential candidate Ron Paul in a unique position. In case you didn't know, Ron Paul had a private practice in the 60s and 70s as an OB/Gyn that walked his talk. He didn't accept medicare of medicade and instead would provide medical care at little or no cost to those who needed it but couldn't pay. After which he has served as a member of Congress and written several books. He has a unique perspective on the history and future of healthcare in this nation and is probably one of the few politicians truley qualified to speak with authority on the issue.

Regardless of your political persuation... bes listen up... this guy KNOWS the profession of which he speaks. Viva La revolucion!

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